The Kanjozoku

“The Kanjozoku” is a special collaborative project brought to you by a few special creative forces in the hopes of providing you with a rare glimpse into the underground street racing scene of Osaka, one that’s entangled with mystery, culture and downright automotive awesomeness. This journey was never about money or personal gain. We merely wanted to put our individual talents and knowledge together to bring the world an informative, cultural piece on a secret society that few have heard of before.

The lack of information and misconceptions that have been told of these Osaka Honda enthusiasts inspired us to seek them out from the darkness so they could finally tell their own story. It has been a massive undertaking for everyone involved, with multiple trips to Japan to try and cultivate relationships with the infamous street racing crews that are nearly impossible to track down without the proper connections. Along the way, we were even asked to kill this project altogether because of the possible dangers and future repercussions that it may bring. With that understanding, our collective passions pushed us forward and now we bring you this ensemble of never-before-seen content, presented objectively, without corporate restrictions. We are very proud of “The Kanjozoku” project and hope you’ll enjoy it, too. Thanks for watching.

Special Thanks to the Following Contributors:

Brandon Leung from Bowls Films
Joey Lee from The Chronicles
Jonathan Wong
Mike Garrett, contributing writer
Elliott Moran at Distillery LA , web/graphic design